Guest Editorial: Edwards Street Fellowship Center

Hunger and food insecurity are not confined to particular zip codes, age groups, or education levels. And they definitely are not limited to certain times of the year. During the summer, many families face an extra burden on their food supply. Children who usually receive free meals on school days are now home seven days a week. Likewise, food pantries are challenged during the summer months. Even the most dedicated food donors take time off during the summer, so local food pantries are often overlooked until the fall holiday season.

At Edwards Street Fellowship Center, we provide food to over 1,000 households every month. In the past three months, this number has risen steadily. To make sure we are taking care of the most vulnerable-- children and the elderly-- we are asking for your help. Can you buy some nonperishable food items for the hungry? Our website has a list of basic needs. Drop off your donation at the Edwards Street food pantry, or at any local mission agency that provides food to the hungry.

As you give a few cans of food for your neighbors, you are giving much more than a meal. You are offering help, hope, and love as you make a difference in the Pine Belt. Thank you!