Hattiesburg Zoo welcomes two Sumatran tigers

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - The Hattiesburg Zoo unveiled two Sumatran tigers Saturday to kick off the upcoming spring break week.

"Spring break is always a popular time here at the zoo to add this new attraction," said Executive Director of the Hattiesburg Convention Commission Rick Taylor. " It's great for the whole of the zoo, overtime its great to help preserve this species, but its also going to be great for spring break and kids being able to come out and have a lot of fun."

Dozens of patrons came out to welcome the brothers to their new home.

"I think its really cool that they are expanding because all these little kids can come out and see the animals and everything," said zoo patron Kristin Delise.

The male siblings were born at  the Los Angeles Zoo and were given the names Cinta and Kuasa.

"Cinta means love, and Kuasa means power," said Taylor.

Each year the zoo attempts to add a new attraction and they are thankful to the L.A. Zoo for making this addition possible.

"We were vetted by the L.A. Zoo, we actually had a member of what's called the TAG or the SSP Species Survival Program, who came and inspected the zoo, inspected the tiger holding, inspected the exhibit and qualified us," said Taylor.

The zoo's three tigers will rotate through the exhibit offering guests the opportunity to learn the differences between the largest of the tiger species, the Siberian tiger, and one of the smallest tiger species, the Sumatran tiger.

"We just invite everyone to come out and see these young men," said Taylor. "They are eager to see all our visitors."

The tigers each weigh more than 200 lbs and are much smaller than the zoo's existing Siberian tiger, Tigger.

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