Laurel basketball focused on the "The Big House"

The Laurel Golden Tornadoes boys basketball team is heading to Jackson to face Callaway Monday, but today in Hattiesburg, they were practicing in Reed Green Coliseum to get ready for the big game atmosphere.

"We've basically set everything up for this particular game," head coach Marcus Price said.

The Golden Tornadoes met the Chargers twice this season and fell in both matchups.

Laurel also lost a tough South State title game last week to Pascagoula, but they say this time around the team expects to be on top of their game.

"We played all the Jackson teams. We tried to play all the tough coastal teams, so that in this situation we can be prepared. Callaway is an outstanding team. Malik Newman is the number one player in the country."

Laurel senior Raequon Pettis welcomes the tough matchup.

"That's a great opportunity to play against him knowing he's gonna be very successful in basketball, but that gives us a challenge and we like challenges."

Junior Omar Bayless said it's what's inside that counts.

"We just gotta play with heart. It's all about heart. We gotta compete with each other, crash the boards most likely because they're long and athletic."

Sophomore Octavious Cooley feels focus in the key.

"We gotta play the Laurel standard. One play at a time. Keep our mind set on one goal."

Tip-off against Callaway is March 10 at 8 p.m.