Tornado damaged condemned Mobile St building demolished

A 108-year-old three-story building located on Mobile St in between 6th and 7th Avenues was torn down by the City of Hattiesburg Thursday morning.

The building had been condemned by the city after taking a direct hit from last February's tornado. The decision was made to take down the building because of safety concerns for residents in the neighborhood.

The building was built in 1906  and originally was a hotel. In later years a laundromat occupied the bottom floor and living quarters were rented out on the upper floors.

Robert Brown purchased the building seven-years ago and at the time of the tornado a beauty parlor and barber shop occupied the lower level. Brown says at the time of the tornado he was renovating a third space on the first floor and the upper floors were being shored up for future development.

"It was a sad sight when the tornado did to it what it did," said Brown. "We wanted to bring it down sooner than later because of the dangers it was presenting in the neighborhood."

Brown says he has no immediate plans for the future of the property. The cost  of the demolition will be billed back to him by the city.

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