Petal middle school students participate in new learning activity

Published: Feb. 11, 2014 at 7:05 PM CST
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Carol Paola, a teacher consultant from the Mississippi Geographic Alliance taught and interactive map activity Tuesday afternoon at Petal Middle School.

The map activity involved students in activities that increase spatial, ecological and global perspectives. Students used geographic representations to learn, which, in turn, increased the students' geospatial thinking to understand the world around them.

National geographic donated a huge map to MGA for teaching purposes, and on Tuesday, seventh and eighth graders put it to use. One Petal Middle School teacher says this leaning method aligns with Common Core standards.

"They've learned to like maps, but these kinds of activities from the MGA and from such wonderful leaders gets the kids excited," said Cathy Lee, World History teacher at Petal Middle School.

Students gathered around and discussed different parts of the world during the activity. MGA will be touring other parts of the state after making stops at Pine Belt schools.