Mystery explosions rattle windows, houses, and residents throughout Marion County

Published: Jan. 1, 2014 at 9:22 PM CST
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The folks in Marion County have been reporting large explosions over the last month that have rattled windows and shaken houses. Speculative explanations have ranged from UFO's to meteors.

In early December many residents from the Bunker Hill and Improve communities reported hearing a loud explosion. So many calls came into the Marion County Sheriff's Office that deputies were dispatched to looks for what was described as a plane crash, meteor, even a UFO.

Above the usual New Year's fireworks, residents again heard an explosion that shook houses across the county last night.

Foxworth resident Jamie Toney said Wednesday, "Last night I heard a big ole loud boom like and explosion. It basically shook the house and rattled the windows and I've got numerous reports on Facebook since they know I help, volunteer with the fire department. They asked me, 'What did I hear and where it was coming from around Columbia, East Columbia, Bass Tree Farm, and Bunker Hill, Stringer Road and that vicinity.'"

Toney said he wasn't able to explain what the explosion was. The sheriff's office believes the most likely explanation could be Tannerite or exploding targets; a binary explosive available at most sporting goods stores which makes a loud boom when shot with a high powered rifle.