USM's Dr. Madson previews Alcohol Awareness Week events

Published: Oct. 16, 2013 at 8:45 PM CDT
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Dr. Madson speaks to Luckyday Scholar students
Dr. Madson speaks to Luckyday Scholar students

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Dr. Michael Madson spoke to USM's Luckyday Scholar students Wednesday, previewing the events that would take place during College Alcohol Awareness Week.  The events will begin Monday, October 21, and will be aimed toward educating students on safe drinking practices.

Dr. Madson has been speaking to various students, including freshmen, fraternities and sororities, and residence halls.  The talks are not designed to discourage drinking but rather to teach students how to drink responsibly and safely.  Some tips mentioned were always using a designated driver, drinking water between alcoholic beverages, and always knowing where your drink is and what is in it.

"On Wednesday, we're going to be hosting a screening activity at the Union where students can come and fill out some questions and then based on their answers, think about things they might want to change in their drinking patterns and how they might do that," said Dr. Madson, associate professor at the University of Southern Mississippi.  "Then, on Thursday, we're doing some myth-busting activities.  There's a lot of inaccurate information on college campuses."

National College Alcohol Awareness Week is a nationwide initiative that was launched in the late 1990's.  The National Institutes of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism and universities realized that college drinking was rapidly becoming a problem that needed to be corrected.

USM is doing its part in finding a solution by hosting many educational events throughout the week.

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