Jones County dog owner denies wife failed to help during attack on teens

JONES COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - The owner of the dogs that attacked two Jones County teens last week wants to set the record straight on what happened during the attack.

Ronald Tucker says he is truly sorry for the attack, but he denies the teens claim that his wife stood by and did nothing during the attack.

Tucker says the girls were walking past his home when one of them got thirsty and went to the door to ask for some water. She went despite there being visible no trespassing and beware of dog signs on the property.

When his wife opened the door the dogs rushed past her and attacked the girl. Tucker says his wife and his 12-year-old daughter tried very hard to get the dogs of the girls.

"As soon as they pushed past her to go out the door the girl tore out screaming and running and the dogs attacked," said Tucker. "My wife went outside trying to stop the dogs. She finally got them calmed down, put inside, and apologized severely for the girls being attacked and they left"

Tucker denies claims of a neighbor of similar problems in the past. He says the dogs have not shown aggressive tendencies in the past.

Laurel Animal Control has quarantined the dogs for ten days after which they will be returned to Tucker. He says he is not sure yet whether he will keep them once they are returned.

The parents of the teens have said they want the dogs to be put down because of the attacks.

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