Ellisville mayor speaks out about conditions at animal holding facility

ELLISVILLE, MS (WDAM) - The City of Ellisville is getting heat from the public about conditions at their animal holding facility.

There are claims the animals are living in an inadequate small building, with only two windows and no air conditioning. The animals are apparently living in small, rusted, unsanitary cages without proper care. Mayor Tim Waldrup says the person responsible for providing food and water and keeping the facility clean works for another city department and there is no full time person.

"We do not have air conditioning, but we have adequate fans in there and we have a holding area that we put them," said Mayor Waldrup. "You have to understand this is a five day hold facility until the owner comes to claim the animal."

In 2007 the facility was also in the news for poor conditions. At the time Waldrup agreed a new facility was needed, but for a small city like Ellisville it was just to expensive. Since that time they have looked into building a new one on two occasions, but the cost was too much.

"The first time we put a bid out it was $45,000 for just a small area. We then reduced the size and the bid went up to $70,000. We do plan on building a new facility and it will be in the next 12-months."

Waldrup added the facility is not new, but it's adequate and it meets all the laws they need to meet. He says animals brought to the facility are humanely euthanized after five days at an area veterinarian if not claimed by the owner and the city pays for a proper burial.

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