A life long drug addict turned minister shares his story

LAUREL, MS (WDAM) - Adam Patrick, 32, Director of the Recovery program with Dying to Live Ministries at Christ Church in Laurel said his childhood was one of darkness.

Patrick said "I had a really rough childhood. My mom was an alcoholic. She died from it when I was 8."

He said his mother's suicide was a lot for him and his father to bare.

Patrick said his father was addicted to prescription pain medicine and that he practically raised himself.

At the age of 13, Patrick started smoking weed, he said, "It seemed to take away all the stress and all the pain that I dealt with." When he turned 14, he said he started eating LSD, next he was using crystal meth and by the time he was 16 and 17, he was eating X-pills.

"When I was 21 my dad shot himself." Patrick added to his emotional story. For nearly a decade he said he was in and out jail, abusing multiple drugs.

Patrick said "At this point in time all I could do was fund my habit. No matter what I had to sell or do, I did everything to fund my habit."

On Friday night at 6, we'll share with you how Patrick turned his life around.

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