Jones County Supervisor fires his opponent after the election

JONES COUNTY, MS, (WDAM) -  Five Jones County Beat Four workers were fired, one of which ran against Supervisor Andy Dial during Tuesday's election.

Thursday, Dial admitted to releasing five employees, David Scruggs, his election opponent, was among them.

Dial said something had to be done after he received calls from concern citizens saying the men were wasting time while on the clock. He said the county works under the at will law and would not go into any more detail about the employees, stating it is a personnel matter.

Scruggs posted on his facebook page saying "It is with a heavy heart that I extend my apologies to my co-workers who were forced to resign for being my close friends or family. We all know that any support you gave was done so quietly and in a respectful manner and was never discussed while on the job. I knew that it would be difficult to defeat a long-time incumbent, so I am not upset over the loss. I am, however, upset that innocent men had to lose their jobs. I am the one who chose to run for supervisor; they merely gave me a pat on the back and a vote. I hope our re-elected supervisor will open his eyes and see it for what it is. These men deserve their jobs back!"

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