Fitch receives two local endorsements

HATTIESBURG,MS (WDAM)-  On the eve of the runoff elections Lynn Fitch received a stamp of approval from two Pine Belt senators.

Senators Joey Fillingane and Billy Hudson were at the Chancery Court Building in downtown Hattiesburg to support Fitch, a candidate for State Treasurer.

Both Hudson and Fillingane say Fitch has solid conservative fiscal ideas, and has proven in her present and past jobs to be the best choice for State Treasurer.

"As a bond attorney she is by far the most qualified person. We haven't heard a lot about qualifications in this race.  I think that is shame, because if qualifications are what we decide  to vote for it would be a slam dunk for my friend," said Fillingane.

"I am very proud to endorse this lady. I am going to vote for her. I ask my friends and family to come out and vote for her tomorrow. We need a big turn out. We believe and we expect that she is going to be elected tomorrow night," said Hudson.

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