Hope vs. Luck: A Personal Vignette

By: Eileene McRae, Business Development & Alumni Coordinator


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I have never been much to believe in luck, however, I do love pots of gold at the ends of rainbows, leprechauns, four-leaf clovers and Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland! When I was a very young woman living in Boulder, Colorado, my dear mother mailed me a four-leaf clover taped to a simple three-by-five note card that read, “Out of everybody I know, my wish for you is all the good luck that Saint Patrick and this four-leaf clover have to offer.” My mother was very proud to be Irish.

I received that clover and note in 1977, and within six months, I entered a treatment program for my alcoholism where I ultimately found the gift of sobriety. Now, whether that treatment event was providential, or luck, or the prayerful hope of a mother’s love, you can decide that for yourself. All I know is that for me, it was the commencement of learning to live out my purpose.

That little note with the decomposed clover attached found its permanent home in my personal family bible where it is today. Luck, as compared to hope, is like a wish tossed to the wind — if the wish comes true, then one is lucky; if not, maybe it will come true the next time. Now if hope, on the other hand, is simply believing an unbearable situation will get better with prayer and action, I think I will go for hope every time.

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