USM professor: Trump impeachment not a ‘rash judgement’ by the House

Gov. Reeves on the Coast to welcome 2 new GOP members, make state appointments

Mississippi National Guard activated for presidential inauguration

Sen. Roger Wicker on Big Tech’s censorship: I will fight to hold them accountable

Reeves: Pelosi, Democratic colleagues should reflect on own actions, not Trump’s

Mississippi congressman, senator against call for Pence to invoke 25th Amendment

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Wicker: Let ‘orderly transfer of power’ proceed

IRS processing 2nd round of economic impact payments

  Teacher pay increase, COVID-19 relief on top of state legislature’s agenda

  Mississippi congressman and his predecessor share experience from inside U.S. Capitol riot

Medical marijuana initiative continues to be challenged in state supreme court

  Current and former Mississippi elected officials weigh in on U.S. Capitol breach

Three of four Miss. congressmen voted to challenge 2020 presidential election

This revelation comes after supporters of President Donald Trump stormed the U.S. Capitol Wednesday in efforts to stop Congress from certifying Joe Biden’s win as the next President of the United States.

Sen. Hyde-Smith joined 5 Senate Republicans in favor of rejecting Arizona’s electoral votes

Senator Roger Wicker joined 92 other United States senators who voted “no” on challenging Arizona’s election results.

Protesters come to the Mississippi State Capitol in support of President Trump

While the protesters were at the State Capitol, some of them signed a petition asking for a vote on the Mississippi flag.

Sen. Roger Wicker to certify Biden’s presidential win

U.S. Senator Roger Wicker released a statement that he will vote to certify the 2020 presidential election result.

Thousands cheer Trump at rally protesting election results

  Miss. Senate votes to approve new state flag

  Mississippi’s 2021 legislative begins with approval of new state flag

WATCH: Miss. legislators begin their 2021 session Tuesday

COVID-19, teacher pay, election reform top Democratic state senator’s wish lists

U.S. Sen. Hyde-Smith takes oath of office in Washington

Palazzo ‘cannot vote to certify’ results of 2020 presidential election

Congress began its latest session on Sunday, and one of the most anticipated items on the agenda is to count the Electoral College votes and certify President-elect Joe Biden’s win.

U.S. Sen. Hyde-Smith to be sworn Sunday

Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith will take the oath of office to serve Mississippi.for the next six years.

  A look back on some of biggest 2020 political stories in Pine Belt

2020 was full of unprecedented circumstances — both in day-to-day life and in the voting booth.

  Mississippi’s 2021 legislative session schedule in question

COVID-19 could delay much of the 2021 legislative session.

Lt. Governor to answer questions Tuesday about upcoming legislative session

Seven days from Miss. legislative session, Lieutenant Governor Delbert Hosemann answers questions about what's on the agenda.

Miss. lawmakers react to potential $2k stimulus checks

State lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are weighing in on the popular stimulus bill vote in Washington, DC.

Guest, Kelly and Palazzo vote against $2,000 COVID checks; Thompson votes in favor of them

Congressmen Michael Guest, Trent Kelly and Steven Palazzo all voted against the measure, joining the 134 “Nay” votes on the CASH Act.

Former Mississippi Gov. William Winter has died

Former Gov. William Winter, who pushed to strengthen public education and improve race relations, has died.

Plans to address teacher shortage and pay will be on the 2021 legislative agenda

Teachers are hoping lawmakers will address a pay raise and the increasing issue of a teacher shortage in the state during the 2021 session.

  Sen. McDaniel to host 15th turkey giveaway Friday night

State Sen. Chris McDaniel is hosting his 15th annual Christmas turkey giveaway Friday night.

Gov. Reeves declares Dec. 20 as Day of Prayer

Gov. Tate Reeves was joined by pastors from around the state when he made the announcement Wednesday morning

  Rep. Palazzo: Election fraud fight not over despite SCOTUS rejecting Texas lawsuit he supported

Some Miss. GOP leaders say they won’t acknowledge the winner of the presidential election until Jan. 20.

  Miss. electors cast votes for Trump, Pence

Mississippi’s electors casted their electoral votes for president Monday.

Guest, Kelly, Palazzo sign on to Texas lawsuit challenging 2020 election results

The Texas lawsuit alleges that the election results in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin and Michigan are unlawful.

  Hospitals facing increased strain as Gov. Reeves suggests he may add further restrictions

Hospitals are facing more strain on the system than they have at any other point in the pandemic.

Mississippi Congressman cosponsors legislation calling for change to mail-in ballot certification

His announcement comes after Attorney General Lynn Fitch said she will support Texas in its election lawsuit.

Mississippi AG to support Texas in election lawsuit

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (R) filed the lawsuit, saying 2020 election results in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin, and Michigan are unlawful.

Mississippi’s congressional delegation urges President Trump to sign declaration on Hurricane Zeta

Initial damage reports indicate two confirmed deaths in the state and at least 135 injuries.

  State legislators disagree on need for statewide mask mandate

Governor Reeves first enforced a statewide mask mandate on August 4. The mandate remained in effect until the governor lifted it on Sept. 30.

  Mississippi immigrants cautiously hopeful for Biden administration

While immigration lawyers and activists hope for a better four years under the Biden Administration, some immigrants say they need to see fewer promises and more action.

Mississippi election results are certified, gov. says

Governor Tate Reeves says the election results in Mississippi are now certified.

  Petal alderman announces run for mayor

Petal Ward 5 Alderman Tony Ducker announced he will be running for mayor.

‘The American people deserve better’: Rep. Guest bashes Pelosi after she is reelected House Speaker

This will be Pelosi’s fourth term as House Speaker.

  Lawmakers react to Governor Reeves’ executive budget recommendation

Gov. Reeves has released his Executive Budget Recommendation for Fiscal Year 2022 and lawmakers are reacting to some of his proposals.

  Congressman Steven Palazzo’s campaign fighting back against allegations

Congressman Steven Palazzo’s campaign vows the 4th District Congressman will be vindicated of allegations he misused nearly $200,000 in campaign funds.

  Palazzo: Trump has ‘every right’ to continue to contest election

Congressman Steven Palazzo visited Camp Shelby Friday and said that President Trump has a right to continue his fight over the Nov. 3 general election.

Miss. Rep. apologizes for comment suggesting Mississippi should ‘succeed from the union’

He is apologizing for what he calls a lack of judgement.

  Projected Biden presidency could have big impact on immigrants in the Magnolia State

Biden has expressed he wants to reinstate DACA, which would benefit hundreds of immigrants in Mississippi.

Miss. AG Lynn Fitch joins coalition to urge Supreme Court to reverse Pennsylvania mail-in ballot decision

Republicans, including President Donald Trump’s campaign, have opposed such an extension, arguing that it violates federal law.

Fmr. Mississippi politician signs letter calling on President Trump to accept election results

A former Mississippi politician has signed a letter calling on President Trump to accept the 2020 election outcome.

‘This is despicable’: Reeves blasts Cuomo for saying it’s ‘bad news’ Trump admin. will implement vaccine plan

Gov. Tate Reeves says it’s “despicable” for Gov. Chris Cuomo, D-New York, to say it’s “bad news” that the Trump administration will implement a vaccine plan.

Several leadership roles shuffled in Mississippi Senate

Republican Lt. Gov. Delbert Hosemann announced some new committee chairmen and vice chairmen this past week.

  State lawmakers weigh in on Joe Biden being declared president

Biden’s inauguration is expected to take place January 20th, 2021.

  South Mississippians voice their support for medical marijuana

People across the Magnolia State are voicing their support for medical marijuana.

  Trump supporters protest in Jackson to ‘Stop the Steal’ of the presidential election

Republican Brian Flowers agrees; he ran for the U.S. House to represent Mississippi’s 2nd Congressional District and lost to Bennie Thompson.

  Palazzo: ‘Relax and let (election) process run its course’

Mississippi’s 4th District congressman Steven Palazzo reacts to the declaration from news organizations that Joe Biden won the presidential election.

Miss. Republican leadership in Washington issue call for transparency in election count

Trump has pointed to delays in processing the vote in some states to allege with no evidence that there was fraud and to argue that his rival was trying to seize power.

AP declares Biden winner of presidential election

Win in Pennsylvania clinches White House for Democratic candidate

Mississippi’s Washington Republicans support Trump’s efforts to contest election

President Trump has accused Democrats of trying to “rig" the election, although he has provided no proof or evidence to back his claim.

  Mississippi lawmakers weigh in on early voting discussions

Mississippi leaders discuss the option of adding in-person early voting for future elections.

Gov. Reeves rebukes idea of early, mail-in voting in Mississippi: ‘Too much chaos’

Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves shut down the idea of no-excuse early voting in a social media post Thursday.

  Southern Miss students react to vote on new state flag

Some University of Southern Mississippi students are reacting to Tuesday’s vote to adopt a new state Flag for Mississippi.

  Analysis: Mississippi U.S. Senate race

Analysts breakdown takeaways from Mississippi's U.S. Senate race.

Cities fly new state flag after historic vote

A flag-raising ceremony for the new Mississippi state flag was held in front of Hattiesburg City Hall Wednesday.

  Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith secures second win against Mike Espy

Mississippians closely watched the race between Senator Hyde-Smith and Espy as it was a rematch between the two candidates.

Decision 2020: National, state and local election results

America is watching as ballots in several battleground states continue to be counted.

  Initiative 65 passes, allowing medical marijuana in Miss.

Mississippi joined a majority of the states in the country by legalizing the use of marijuana by those dealing with debilitating conditions.

Voters overwhelmingly kick Jim Crow voting law to the curb

Voters in Mississippi get rid of a provision in the 1890 constitution that supresses the Black vote.

NBC: ‘In God We Trust’ design approved for new Miss. state flag

According to NBC News, Mississippi voters approved Tuesday at the polls the "In God We Trust" design as the new state flag.

Miss. incumbents secure reelection in U.S. House

Steven Palazzo (R) ran unopposed securing the 4th Congressional District.

AP: Guest reelected to represent Mississippi’s 3rd Congressional District

U.S. Rep. Michael Guest was first elected in 2018.

Decision 2020: What to know for Election Day

Mississippi voters will head to the polls on Tuesday, Nov. 3, to cast their ballots in the 2020 general election.

  Medical marijuana on today’s ballot

Mississippians will make the decision to include or not include medical marijuana in the state constitution.

  Rep. Guest hopes Trump will focus on economy in last days of campaign

Mississippi congressman Michael Guest hopes President Trump will focus on the nation’s pre-COVID economy as the presidential campaign comes to a close.

  Dr. Dobbs says Initiative 65 is ‘Wild West’ proposal for medical marijuana

Dr. Dobbs weighs in on Initiative 65

Most Mississippians plan to vote ‘yes’ on adopting a new state flag, survey finds

A survey out Tuesday found that most Mississippians plan to vote ‘yes’ on Mississippi Ballot Measure 3.

  Miss. voters could change the way state leaders are elected on November 3rd

Mississippians will vote on this item on November 3rd.

Trump holds 25 point lead over Biden in Mississippi, latest poll shows

A new poll shows that President Trump holds a sizable lead over Joe Biden in Mississippi a week before Election Day.