7 on the Road

  7 On The Road: A Columbia Christmas Experience

  7 On The Road: History of Hugh White Mansion

  7 On The Road: Helanbak triggers hometown pride

  7 On the Road: Southern Fried Rabbit is a local favorite

  7 On The Road: Rex takes a trip down memory lane

  7 On The Road: Columbia mayor known to put boots to the ground in community

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  7 On the Road: Columbia celebrating 200 years of history

  7 On the Road: A Southern Yankee serves baked goods and southern charm

  7 On the Road: First-Trinity Presbyterian Church

  7 On The Road: LSD sets stage early for college, careers

  7 On the Road: Leontyne Price, a revolutionary soprano

  7 On the Road: How Laurel got its name

  7 On The Road: Pearl’s Diner puts the ‘south’ in southern cooking

On the corner of Magnolia and Oak streets in downtown Laurel lies Pearl’s Diner.

  7 On The Road: Napiers continue to spotlight Laurel

Ben and Erin Napier are making home town history. The powerhouse couple continues to put the City of Laurel on the map as hosts of HGTV’s popular hit show “Home Town.”

  7 On the Road: Laurel barbershop ‘lines’ the community out

A Laurel barber has used his clippers for decades to shape not only the hairlines and beards of his customers, but also the spirits and aspirations of young men in the community.

  7 On the Road: Laurel museum built on foundation of tragedy and education

Nestled in the historic district of Laurel along North 5th Avenue, the Lauren Rogers Museum of Art stands as a centerpiece of art and culture, with a history just as colorful and intriguing as the exhibits inside.

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  7 on the Road: Main Street Café

  7 on the Road: Sanderson Farms

Collins: A town built on railroads and timber

  Salem Opry House provides food, love for the soul

For nearly 10 years, the Salem Opry House has served up southern inspired cuisine to residents near and far.