09/20 Ryan’s “Little Warmer” Wednesday Morning Forecast

Slightly more humid than it has been this week, but we’re in for another round of dry air soon.
Published: Sep. 20, 2023 at 10:55 AM CDT
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Good morning, Pine Belt!

Don’t expect any dramatic changes in today’s forecast, but we are a little warmer this morning and going to be slightly more humid this afternoon. That’s basically the only change, but that does affect a few things. Little more moisture to work with will lead to a little more afternoon cloud cover, which I expect will “cool” us one degree from yesterday...”down” to 93. That’s still going to feel more than nice, but instead of a -2 degree wind chill like we’ve had over the last few days, expect it to feel exactly the temperature today. So, like I said...no dramatic changes, but as we head into tomorrow I believe we’ll finally be able to feel it becoming more humid.

Even then though we’re only talking a heat index of +2 or so, making it still feel quite nice compared to our the rest of summer so far. Expect the humidity to stay begin climbing, bringing morning lows up to 68 as we head into Thursday. This is just a little surge ahead of a weak front, so expect another “cool down” for the end of the week. I had to put that in quotes because we really aren’t going to see much cooling over the next week, but periods of drier air and slightly more cloud cover will keep the temperature bouncing between 90-94 all week long.

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