Attorneys calling on Department of Justice to investigate the death of 25-year-old Rasheem Carter

Published: Mar. 14, 2023 at 12:14 AM CDT
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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - The family of a man whose body was found a month after his disappearance is calling on the Department of Justice to investigate.

As of right now, the cause of Rasheem Carter’s death remains undetermined, according to the Smith County Sheriff’s Department.

However, if you ask his family members and attorneys, they believe the 25-year-old was targeted and killed.

“This is not a natural death,” said Civil Rights Attorney Ben Crump. “This represents a young man who was killed.”

During a press conference on Monday, Crump shared the gruesome details on how the Jefferson County man was found.

“His head was severed from his body,” Crump recalled. “His vertebrate, his spinal cord, was in another spot they discovered away from his severed head. They have recently found remains that they believe are also Rasheem Carter at another part of where he went missing.”

Carter was last seen outside a Super 8 Hotel in October in Laurel, which is a half hour from where he had been contracted to work in Taylorsville at Georgia Pacific.

Remains that are believed to be his were found on November 2nd.

Those close to Carter said he was being threatened by people he knew.

“My son told me that it was three truckloads of white guys trying to kill him,” said Tiffany Carter, Rasheem’s mother.

“He was dutifully and gainfully employed, just trying to make a living for his young child, and ends up dead, chased by what we believe to be a white supremacist, a lynch mob,” said Attorney Carlos Moore, who’s serving as co-counsel.

In fact, Tiffany said he even let her know about it during one of his last text messages to her right before he went missing.

“He said me and the owner of this company not seeing eye to eye, mama,” she read from her phone. “If anything happened to me, he’s responsible for it. I’m too smart for it, mama. He got these guys wanting to kill me, and that’s what he sent to me.”

Tiffany said her son went to the Taylorsville Police Department asking for help.

However, she said they were no help at all.

Crump said what’s even more alarming is the fact that someone attempted to use Carter’s credit card even after it was determined that he was dead.

“And we believe that is a big clue,” said Crump. “Think about it, the person who had his credit card is likely to have encountered him while he was alive, and it shouldn’t have to be this difficult for this broken-hearted mother to get answers.”

The Smith County Sheriff’s Department is the lead agency on this case.

The sheriff said the department has sent out search warrants, and right now, they are still waiting for those to be returned.

When asked if he thinks there’s foul play involved, the sheriff said that remains undermined at this time.

The investigation is still open.

If anybody has any information on this incident, you are asked to contact the Smith County Sheriff’s Department.

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