01/24 Ryan’s “First Alert” Tuesday Morning Forecast

The entire day won’t be too bad, but a level 3 risk of severe weather moves in later tonight.
01/24 Ryan’s “First Alert” Tuesday Morning Forecast
Published: Jan. 24, 2023 at 8:35 AM CST
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Good morning, Pine Belt!

Today is the day we’ve been watching as a potential severe weather event and a “First Alert Weather Day” has been declared. That means the focus of all the forecasts will be on approaching storms and how to prepare, and most of our news coverage will be related to that as well. The interesting part about this particular system is how quickly we’ll turn from cold & stable to warm & humid as we head through the afternoon and evening. In fact, I expect we’ll still see a good bit of sun until lunchtime, and won’t see consistent rain until after sunset. It won’t be until about 8 PM that I expect we’ll start seeing our first thunderstorms, but from that point on until the entire system leaves the area early Wednesday morning we have a “medium” chance of severe weather. I know that doesn’t sound like much, but is enough for a level 3 (out of 5) risk of severe weather and is not insignificant...which is why we’re once again asking you to be “weather aware” later tonight.

The best way to remain “weather aware” is to have multiple ways to receive warnings from the NWS as they are issued. Once of the best ways is a weather radio, which are available at many local retailers...as long as they have a hardware/electronics dept. The easiest way (as long as you have a smartphone) is our WDAM “First Alert” Weather App. Using the app you can stream our severe weather coverage, follow along with the live radar, and will receive the NWS Warnings. As long as your notifications are on, if your phone is physically inside of a warning box (will need location services/GPS turned on your phone for that to work) you will be alerted as soon as it is issued. Not trying to be dramatic, but that can be a real lifesaver in a really bad situation...particularly during these overnight events when most of the area would be asleep.

Once you have your warning methods locked down all we can do is wait. I’ll be focusing on a tighter, more specific timeframe by county for my Midday show on WDAM 7, but right now here is the latest:

Level 3 Risk of Severe Weather for the Southeastern half of the Pine Belt.

Tornadoes and Straight-line Winds will be our biggest threats. Small hail is also possible along with heavy rain and lightning.

These threats will be at their peak between the hours of 8 PM and 2 AM from West to East, arriving in the Hattiesburg area around midnight.

Stay tuned for further updates from Patrick, Rex, and Hannah as we’ll all be updating throughout the day and will be watching as it rumbles through.

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