01/20 Ryan’s “Increasing Clouds” Friday Morning Forecast

Yesterday started cloudy and ended sunny, but today will be the opposite as we prepare for weekend rain.
01/20 Ryan’s “Increasing Clouds” Friday Morning Forecast
Published: Jan. 20, 2023 at 8:33 AM CST
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Good morning, Pine Belt.

It’s definitely a lot colder this morning than it has been any other time this week thanks to yesterday’s cold front. It didn’t cool things down much yesterday with highs still in the 70s, but this morning’s low fell to just a few degrees above freezing in many Pine Belt cities. That makes today the coolest morning we’ll see for the next few days as we begin a warming trend that’ll have lows back in the 50s by Sunday morning. Our afternoons over the weekend will be a little more inconsistent as we cool into the low-to-mid 50s across the area tomorrow due to all day rain and overcast skies. It won’t actually rain the entire time, there will be breaks in the rain from time to time, but the entire day will be cool and damp if not actively raining. Rain is all we expect with this system as well because most of the energy and moisture will be south of us in the Northern Gulf. Even with many hours of rain, it doesn’t look like flooding will be much of a problem. Right now I’m expecting just over a half an inch on average in the area, though a few areas to the south of us could see upwards of a couple of inches...which would cause at least a few small-scale, low drainage issues.

The rain will linger into early Sunday morning, but will begin to clear by the afternoon. That means we’ll begin next week with highs and lows much closer to average, 60 and 37 degrees respectively, and sunny skies. In fact, most of next week holds far more sunshine than we saw this week, but we have another upcoming chance of potential severe weather for Tuesday. Stay tuned over the weekend and on Monday as we monitor this developing front.

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