USM linebacker TQ Newsome makes major impact off the field

Published: Dec. 29, 2022 at 12:13 PM CST
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HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WDAM) - TQ Newsome had 44 tackles for Southern Miss at the linebacker position.

But his greatest move this year came away from the football field.

“He’s on the field and on the sidelines, intense about what he’s doing,” said Southern Miss fan Dahlia Landers. “He doesn’t hear me saying ‘TQ!’”

Newsome has some fans in the stands – but Dahlia Landers might be the most diehard.

“Everyone around us are now TQ fans too because they’re with us every game,” said Amelia Landers.

“Honestly when I first met [Dahlia] I didn’t even know the type of impact I would have on her life,” Newsome said. “Neither did I know the impact she would have on mine.”

Newsome first met Dahlia at the LiveWell Center of Forrest General. Newsome was working his internship as a kinesiology major.

Dahlia, after a long visit to the ICU, was learning to walk again.

“I do appreciate so much that he poured into me as a patient,” Dahlia said.

“One thing that he worked with her in particular was how to side shuffle and learning how to go side to side and I just thought about that at every game because that’s what she’s literally doing as she’s going into her spot in the stadium,” Amelia said.

“I’ve just loved every minute of it and I’m just so thankful for my time there,” Newsome said. “I just want to help people, that’s kind of my passion, what I love to do. And through that I’ve been able to meet amazing people and Mrs. DJ, she’s just an example of that.”

No matter how many tackles Newsome makes on the football field, it won’t compare to the impact he hopes to make practicing medicine.

Dahlia Landers is living proof. A season ticket holder for over 40 years, 2022′s been her favorite cheering on Newsome and the Golden Eagles.

“Just to be able to give back to the community to somebody who supports Southern Miss, it made it all the more sweeter,” Newsome said. “It just shows life came in full circle and it really just helped me just appreciate the little things.”

“We’re definitely fan club, like the TQ fan club and it’s been so special because what mom didn’t say is we almost lost her through this process,” Amelia said. “It was two months of not knowing what would happen. There was a time we weren’t sure if she’d ever be back at ‘The Rock.’ For him to be a part of that is very special for us.”

Newsome is a graduate student in the Southern Miss kinesiology department. Once he completes his masters, he plans to attend medical school.

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