Hotel rooms snared to get people out of the cold

Group lands hotel rooms for homeless
Published: Dec. 22, 2022 at 11:46 PM CST
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JONES COUNTY, Miss. (WDAM) - There are thousands in Mississippi without a home, and with freezing temperatures just hours away, the homeless population is set to experience some long, cold nights.

That is why the Bridge to Hope in Jones County is lending a hand this holiday season, raising enough money to provide rooms for homeless men and women in its area.

“Cindy and I got together about five years ago, and we both had a compassion and a heart for the homeless,” Teresa McKelvy said, “so, we started going to the park, and we started feeding and buying shoes or buying this.

“And then, we decided to become an organization, just to take it a little bit further, so we could get more help.”

McKelvy says she couldn’t have gotten the people out of Tent City without the support of the community.

“We put a need out on the Bridge to Hope Facebook page, and people went by Community Bank and made the donations,” she said. “And a few people brought us some cash money to help. And, all in all, there was enough money put in the bank to get two rooms for the six people. "

Many can only imagine living in a tent, so it is easy to understand the gratitude felt by such a kind gesture.

“They were very excited,” she said. “They were thankful. So appreciative. I even saw a few tears.”

A Bridge to Hope was able to place seven people in motel rooms for an entire week.

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