Prentiss police officers outfitted with new body cameras

Prentiss police have new body cameras
Published: Dec. 3, 2022 at 5:23 AM CST
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PRENTISS, Miss. (WDAM) - The Prentiss Police Department has some new tools to serve and protect.

Thanks to money obtained during drug busts, the department was able to buy several body cameras for its officers.

Patrolman David Berry said the department was proud to have the safeguard.

“It protects me and the department from liability,” Berry said. “It also protects that person by holding me accountable to act in a professional and responsible and legal manner when I deal with anyone.”

Prentiss Police Department Chief Richard Browning said the cameras also are programmed to operate by proximity.

“So what will happen is, let’s say that officer Berry here is on a call and I arrive after he’s already there and his body cam is on,” Browning said. “If I forget to turn my body cam on, it will automatically turn on as soon as I get within 30 feet of him.

“So, like right now, if he turns his body cam on, you hear a click. It’s recording. Now, mine is recording.

Browning said he appreciated the simplicity of the new body cameras.

“The old body cams had buttons everywhere,” Browning said. “This has one button. Right here.

“The other two buttons are for administration. They have no access to it, and that’s another reason I picked it. Because, if you notice, there’s not a screen on the back. In other words, the officer cannot view, manipulate or download, or have any access to the video he made. "

Not only will the cameras be used to document police interactions, they can also serve as evidence in court cases if necessary.

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