Smith’s Christmas Tree Farm not affected by Pine Belt up-and-down weather

Published: Nov. 25, 2022 at 7:13 PM CST
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MOSELLE, Miss. (WDAM) - Christmas trees tend to take three to five years to grow.

So, how has the unusual weather his year affected the trees in the Pine Belt?

Not too bad at all, said Robert Smith, co-owner of Smith’s Christmas Tree Farm

“The trees will actually drown if you have a wet spot in the field, they’ll drown, and they just will not grow., Smith said. “If it’s too dry, they don’t have the moisture they need to grow.”

Because of the rising prices of gas, labor and chemicals, the price of Christmas trees had seen a slight increase everywhere.

However, that hasn’t stopped Pine Belt residents from enjoying the trees on the Smith farm.

“We’ve been very busy considering (Thursday) was Thanksgiving,” Smith said. “We’ve been very busy all week, cutting a lot of trees, more than usual for this time of year. I think business has increased this year.”

Real Christmas trees are a popular addition to a home for a sackful of reasons, including that they are better for the environment and can be used for mulch in the garden after they’ve done their duty as decoration.

“I like real Christmas trees from fake Christmas trees because real Christmas trees you can smell it,” said Maggie, a young customer. “It smells like Christmas.”

The good news: Weather hasn’t affected anyone’s chances of filling their home with that famous Christmas tree smell.

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