Content creators could feel a big financial impact if TikTok is banned

The demise of TikTok could prove a big blow for some
Published: Nov. 18, 2022 at 12:10 AM CST
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PINE BELT, Miss. (WDAM) - Short funny videos and even short dancing videos have become part of everyday life for many of us.

“I started TikTok in December of 2020 and after my first video hit, it went from there,” said Kam Tarvin.

From there Hattiesburg native, Kam Tarvin, better known as ‘Kam Tunchei’ quickly grew a large following on TikTok.

“I have 5.4 million followers on TikTok,” she said.

All getting a dose of laughter, motivation, or just do-it-yourself (DIY) content. However, with TikTok being a China-owned app, the U.S. government is being called to ban it.

“You have thousands of TikTok users and one of the worries is that we don’t actually know what happens to the data once it goes overseas,” said Mississippi Auditor Shad White. “But I can just tell you in general, we do have scares of Chinese hackings here in the state of Mississippi.”

White said he’s come across websites mimicking politicians that are being run by the Chinese Communist Party.

A group White said will try to get as much information as they can from the U.S. and that’s why this app is in question.

Some may now look at social media as a risk instead of just entertainment.

But for Tarvin and other creators, it’s something they value as a job.

“TikTok pays you but we also get paid from like promos and brand deals,” Tarvin said. “My first time getting paid from the actual app it was probably like $4,000.”

How many of you get on TikTok? Well anyway, Senate Republicans are calling to ban the app. This ban could impact content creators who are compensated for their posts. In other words, PAID! Why a possible ban? Well, it's a Chinese ran app and some senators believe the country could be getting sensitive national security information. However, unless TikTok and its algorithm can be separated from Beijing. Here from Kam Tunechi and Ryone Thompson (Youtuber) on how this will affect them. WDAM 7 > Full story @ 6pm Thursday

Posted by Brandy McGill on Monday, November 14, 2022

Ryone Thompson is a YouTuber who uses TikTok and other apps to increase traffic on her channel which results in more views and more money.

“My first ever YouTube check was about $1,800,” said Thompson.

Of course, compensation is all based on subscribers, followers, and views but Thompson says that can all change if TikTok is banned.

“Some TikTokers it’s their only source of income and you have other people like me, who use TikTok as a way to expose what they’re already doing,” Thompson said. “Especially if you get good interaction from that app, it’s kind of a bummer.”

According to one finding, if TikTok and its algorithm can be separated from Beijing, the conversation could then change.

But for now, some people are doing what they feel best.

“Some people are getting into movies,” Kam Tarvin said. “That is a big deal because you know we don’t have to go to auditions and stuff if they’re seeing us on TikTok or any platform.”

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