Fans rally for the 101st edition of the Little Brown Jug game

Fans say there is nothing quite like the Lil' Brown Jug rivalry
Published: Nov. 5, 2022 at 11:52 PM CDT
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PINE BELT, Miss. (WDAM) - A rivalry that has withstood hurricanes, pandemics and a world war.

The 101st Little Brown Jug game kicked off Saturday, Nov. 10, bringing rowdy fans, chanting bands and noise on both sidelines.

“When it comes to Laurel and Hattiesburg, it doesn’t matter who’s up and who’s down, you’re in for some entertainment no matter what,” said Desmond Pollard, a Laurel resident for the past 49 years.

The rivalry brings many different fans to the stadium. Some watch their kids take part in the historic rivalry.

“For the last two years, I have a son on the team and that makes it even more exciting to come out and root for our tigers,” said Lisa Adams, a Hattiesburg resident of 20 years.

Some of the fans remember their playing days in the rivalry as well.

“When I played back in the day, it was a hard battle,” said Greg Tisdale, a Hattiesburg resident of 39 years. “It was a game you’d wake up for.”

While the little brown jug does instill pride in the city, when the clock hits zero, all fans can reunite again as Mississippians.

“Football is just like life,” said AG McSwain, a Laurel resident for 12 years. “You have difficulty but you have friends in the end and after this game is over with, regardless of how much noise we make or how much noise we talk, we’re going to still be friends.”

Before the clock hits zero, things can definitely be a bit rowdy.

“That jug is coming back to Hattiesburg where it belongs,” said Tisdale.

No matter who you cheer for.

“We’ve got it. We are taking it back. No ifs, ands or buts about it,” said Pollard.

Click here for the full game breakdown.

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