07/05 Ryan’s “Damp & Foggy” Tuesday Morning Forecast

Low visibility this morning with even more afternoon rain ahead.
07/05 Ryan’s “Damp & Foggy” Tuesday Morning Forecast
Published: Jul. 5, 2022 at 8:43 AM CDT
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Good morning, Pine Belt!

Today won’t be all that different from the last couple of days, just expect a little more rain. Not much mind you, today will see them get started an hour or so earlier, and last slightly longer. They’ll still be scattered about, and thunderstorms are likely while severe weather is not. The most notable weather related issue later today will be the potential for flash flooding as days of rain have lead to a few trouble spots, but for this morning it’s the fog. Not every Pine Belt location saw any significant fog, but those that did likely saw some locally dense areas. These will largely be gone by the time this is posted, but it may linger a little longer in fog prone areas.

Once we get through today’s rain, things begin to improve. We’ll see far fewer showers tomorrow afternoon/evening, and I’m not expecting any for Thursday or Friday. The potential for a pop up shower returns Saturday at the earliest, but a front moves in overnight that’ll bring more consistent rain for Sunday. I’m still iffy on whether this front stalls and lingers or pushes into the Northern Gulf. If it’s the former we’ll see a few more days of conditional afternoon activity, if the latter only a hit-or-miss shower. I will update on this later today.

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