06/23 Ryan’s “Triple Digit” Thursday Morning Forecast

Some hit it yesterday, the rest will likely see their first 100 degree day of the year this afternoon.
06/23 Ryan’s “Triple Digit” Thursday Morning Forecast
Published: Jun. 23, 2022 at 7:51 AM CDT
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Good morning, Pine Belt!

No secret we’re headed for another miserably hot and humid afternoon, almost certainly the hottest we’ve felt so far this year. Sadly, we’re stuck with these conditions for a few days as today, Friday, and Saturday will all fight it out to see which ends up being hottest. Either way it feels like splitting hairs since they will all at least hit 100 degrees, though I could see Friday or Saturday edging as high as 103 under the right circumstances. Right now my money is on Saturday being the hottest due to the upper-level ridge lagging just a tad, but each day will still feel almost the same with heat indices in the 106-111 degree range. I’m expecting a heat advisory for the rest of the week as well, though not every Pine Belt county may be included.

Overall, it’s just more of the same summer weather we’ve seen for the last few weeks. Remember to drink plenty of water, even before you’re out in the heat to get a head start, and take as many shady breaks as you can get away with. Also, don’t forget the pets! Give any outdoor animals extra water and shade and watch the heat of the pavement on your walks.

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