06/21 Ryan’s “Officially Summer” Tuesday Morning Forecast

It’s officially summer as of 4 AM, even though it has felt like it for quite some time.
06/21 Ryan's "Officially Summer" Tuesday Morning Forecast
Published: Jun. 21, 2022 at 8:01 AM CDT
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Good morning, Pine Belt!

Well, even though it has felt like it for quite some time, as of this morning it is officially summer. The afternoon temperature will not disappoint as the first day of our hottest season either. That means more hot and humid weather of course, and today’s high should reach 97 degrees in the Hattiesburg area. I’d like to point out here the Pine Belt is a pretty large area relatively speaking, and will have a bit of a spread though. When I give a specific temperature like 97, unless I say otherwise it is for the city of Hattiesburg, but areas to the South will (generally) be cooler during the day due to the proximity of the Mississippi Sound. Areas further north will also (generally) be warmer, but usually not drastically so since urban areas trend slightly warmer anyway. Interestingly, the reverse is true at night, where areas closer to the coast will be warmer over night as the inland areas cool faster.

I say all that just to drive home the point that while nearby cities may be slightly warmer or cooler, we’re all in the same exceptionally hot and humid boat and care will need to be taken...particularly in the days ahead. We won’t see a heat advisory today or likely tomorrow, but I’d still treat it that way in the interest of safety. Sun burns can occur in around 15 minutes or less on days like today, and with the heat index easily climbing into the low 100s any prolonged exposure can turn unsafe quickly. I know it’s old hat at this point, but please remember to stay as cool, hydrated, and shady as possible going forward. Especially over the next few days as the air temperature breaks the triple digit barrier, but also for the next few months as we head deeper and deeper into summer.

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