Mississippi congressman takes front and center lead at January 6 committee hearing

Published: Jun. 10, 2022 at 8:33 PM CDT
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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - There’s a lot of talk about the primetime January 6th committee public hearing, and some of that links back to the magnolia state.

Front and center leading the primetime January 6th committee hearing was Mississippi’s District 2 Congressman Bennie Thompson.

“I am from a part of the country where people justified the actions of slavery, the Ku Klux Klan, and lynching,” Thompson said in his opening remarks of the hearing Thursday night. “I’m reminded of that dark history as I hear voices today try and justify the actions of the insurrectionists on January 6th, 2021.”

“I didn’t appreciate those comments about, you know, trying to say, if you disagree with this committee, that somehow you’re racist, that’s not the case,” said Mississippi Agriculture Commissioner Andy Gipson. “I’m not a racist. I love everybody.”

Nearly 12 hours on the dot before the start of the hearing, Mississippi Ag Commissioner Andy Gipson shared this link in a tweet asking people to watch a documentary called 2,000 Mules.

“They’ve spent all this time looking at blaming, blaming, blaming for what happened on January 6th, instead of actually looking at what did happen on election night,” added Gipson. “And I think we do have evidence. I think that documentary, if you watch it, will change your mind about what really did go on.”

“Donald Trump lost the Presidential election in 2020,” said Thompson in the hearing. “The American people voted him out of office. It was not because of a rigged system. It was not because of voter fraud.”

Thompson was direct in his language throughout the hearing.

“Ultimately, Donald Trump—the President of the United States—spurred a mob of domestic enemies of the Constitution to march down the Capitol and subvert American democracy,” added Thompson.

Gipson admits he watched the hearing. But says there was no coincidence in why he shared the documentary earlier in the day.

“I’m no conspiracy theorist, but I got a little common sense,” said Gipson. “And I think that’s what people ought to look at. And I wish they would quit wasting our time with this January 6th primetime witch hunt, is what it is, and get back to business to be in Congress as they ought to be.”

The next hearing is scheduled for Monday morning.

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