05/18 Ryan’s “hot & humid...again” Wednesday morning forecast

Almost no change in the pattern, but today will be one of the hottest so far this year!
05/18 Ryan's "Hot & Humid...Again" Wednesday Morning Forecast
Published: May. 18, 2022 at 6:51 AM CDT
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Good morning, Pine Belt!

We’re off to another foggy start in many local cities, though most again won’t see a major issue with it. The more noticeable change today will be the heat later this afternoon as the air temperature climbs into the mid 90s. It’s not much of an increase from the last day or so, but with the humidity in the area a small change in the air temperature will make it “feel” much hotter. That means while heat indices have been lingering in the mid 90s themselves, now it’s much more likely they’ll top out around 98-100 degrees. That’s not quite to heat advisory/heat illness levels without long-term exposure, but it should serve as a reminder those days aren’t far away...and we’re still over a month away from the start of summer! We also won’t see any cooling afternoon showers once again today, a trend we’ll continue until the weekend.

By Saturday our instability and moisture will have recovered to the point afternoon showers/t-storms become possible once again. I don’t expect much Saturday, but it’s all setting up ahead of a front that’ll arrive Sunday. The set up isn’t looking concerning from a severe weather perspective, but it does set us up for another long period of “conditional” weather. That means by Monday we’ll be right back in that “summertime” pattern, where an otherwise sunny and dry day could see shower or thunderstorm development in the heat of the afternoon.

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