05/12 Ryan’s “patchy fog” Thursday morning forecast

Another foggy morning with a hot afternoon ahead, though expect a few more clouds.
05/12 Ryan’s “Patchy Fog” Thursday Morning Forecast
Published: May. 12, 2022 at 6:11 AM CDT
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Good morning, Pine Belt!

Some will be waking up to another foggy start this morning, so we’re off to a familiar start but we’ll see a few changes start today. The most notable change is the possibility of rain later this afternoon. It’s been nearly a week since our last round of active weather, and even this chance today isn’t a sure thing. Our weather for the next few days is going to be similar to a mid-to-late summertime pattern, bringing the return of “conditional weather” to the Pine Belt a few weeks early. All that means is it we’re already hot and humid enough to be “conditionally unstable,” so it will take very little in terms of daytime heating or frontal lifting to create showers or thunderstorms. These types of storms tend to be short-lived but can still create severe weather in rare situations. Today’s have a nearly impossible chance of that, but if any such storms do develop they could be gusty. This pattern persists through the end of the week and into the next before rain chances fall below 20% and the sun dominates the sky.

That’ll lead to some beautiful, sunny weather by the middle of next week, but we’ll also be looking at rising temperatures and humidity. Highs will climb nearly 10 degrees above average in the mid-90s, with very high humidity. That means heat indices likely above 100 and our first potential for “heat illness” type weather.

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