05/10 Ryan’s “more fog” Tuesday morning forecast

Even more humid than yesterday, leading to more fog across the Pine Belt.
05/10 Ryan’s “More Fog” Tuesday Morning Forecast
Published: May. 10, 2022 at 6:06 AM CDT
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Good morning, Pine Belt!

More fog again today, not dense just yet, but we’re headed in that direction. Southerly winds will continue for the rest of the week which will keep the humidity on the upswing. You likely won’t notice much during the day, but each morning will be slightly foggier than the last, leading to likely Dense Fog Advisories in the days ahead. That’ll lead to more grey, misty starts to the day, but the afternoons will remain at least mostly sunny until Thursday. Even then there won’t be much change, but that is when we’ll start seeing the chance of rain returning. It’ll be highly conditional weather, similar to those “random” afternoon storms we see sometimes during the heat of the summer. Basically, it’s just unstable enough and “moist” enough to produce a few showers or thunderstorms, but where/when that may happen will be highly conditional on local wind direction, daytime heating rates, and cloud cover. I’m not expecting to see much, but spotty activity from Thursday through Sunday is likely with Saturday being the wettest at 40%.

By Sunday night/Monday morning a weak front will have made it through, getting us into the upper 80s at our coolest, but it won’t be long until the mid-to-upper 90s return.

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