Moselle Elementary School uses grants for healthy activities

A local elementary school is working to ensure students obtain life skills beyond the classroom.
A local elementary school is working to ensure students obtain life skills beyond the classroom.
Published: May. 3, 2022 at 11:07 PM CDT
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PINE BELT, Miss. (WDAM) - Moselle Elementary School is teaching its students how to grow their own food and live an active lifestyle.

It’s doing this through two grants totaling about $57,000, The Healthy School Award Grant and the Garden Grant.

“They have truly transformed our school,” said Lesley Slaughter, physical education teacher at the Moselle Elementary School.

The healthy school award is a $25,000 grant, which allowed the school to purchase 40 bicycles as well as helmets and other physical education equipment.

“The bicycles were huge,”  said Slaughter. “The obstacle court ... They can go up and over and do lots of climbing, and it’s opened up our recess area where more kids can participate.”

The $32,000  Garden Grant funds went toward purchasing all of the necessary equipment to plant a garden.

“Each of them has to pass the garden to go to recess, and we look at what’s grown today; what’s new today.” said slaughter. “We want this to not just be here at Moselle Elementary.

“We want this to continue as they go through life. How do we grow foods? How do I stay active? What are some things I can do? How can I be safe doing those things?”

The cool part, the kids actually work in the garden themselves.

“We can harvest our garden, and then, we have a kitchen cart that’s portable that can go to classroom to classroom, and they can actually show, and kids can actually learn how to cook these foods that we’re growing,” said Slaughter.

To say the students enjoy the new equipment... would be an understatement.

“When they see the bikes they’re like, ‘whoa, we’re ready to ride bikes,’” said Slaughter.” They get so excited about the bikes.”

Both grants are awarded through the Blue Cross Blue Shield of the Mississippi Foundation.

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