Inaugural youth summit held at Mississippi Children’s Museum

Students from around the state got special lessons outside the classroom on Friday morning.
Published: Apr. 15, 2022 at 7:27 PM CDT
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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Students from around the state got special lessons outside the classroom on Friday morning.

“You just think, oh, I’m young, I still live with my mom,” said high school sophomore Efa Blockson. “It’s easy, but then you got to think about like, oh, I’m finna be a senior. So you know, you got to start thinking about college and stuff.”

Life comes at you fast, and for these students, they’re getting a reality check of sorts as they think about the future.

“Today was also important because it helps, you know, like, what colleges are looking for and what specific scholarship opportunities are available for you,” said high school junior Jalia Rudd.

The Mississippi Children’s museum may not be the setting you’re expecting to offer support for older kids.

“We serve the littles, and we love them, and we’re going to continue to support their social, emotional growth,” noted Monique Ealy, MCM Director of Education and Programs. “But we also have a role to play with our middle school and high schoolers as well.”

This inaugural youth summit provides exposure and gets those wheels turning about everything from opening a bank account to college readiness.

“Especially for first-generation students, if their parents didn’t go to college, they don’t really understand the process,” added Nora Miller, President of Mississippi University for Women. “Don’t understand that starting early, there are more scholarship opportunities. The sooner you can finish your FAFSA and get financial aid information, the better off you are.”

As Dr. Justin Turner received the Community Champion Award, he offered an empowering message to students still trying to process what their futures will hold.

“There’s going to be some speed bumps,” said Dr. Turner. “There are gonna be some denials, but those things don’t mean they can stop you. Okay? Only you can stop; you don’t know that. Only you can stop yourself.”

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