Two years later, the 2020 deadly Easter storm remains a scare for Bassfield residents

April 12, 2022, marks two years since an EF-4 tornado wiped through Jefferson Davis County, killing four people and injuring five.
Published: Apr. 12, 2022 at 7:58 PM CDT
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BASSFIELD, Miss. (WDAM) - It’s been two years since an EF-4 tornado wiped through Jefferson Davis County.

It traveled more than 60 miles, reaching neighboring counties. It’s a day one resident holds near and dear to his heart.

“It changed my life,” said Randy Green. “It was a life-changing event.”

April 12, 2020, is a date Randy Green and his wife Josephine Green will never forget.

“Lost some people that were dear to me on that day that were at this spot,” said Randy. “The exact spot. Same place.”

A place where he gathered with friends on the evening of Easter Sunday in 2020.

The deadly storm and tornados took the Greens’ life for a turn, which they never would’ve imagined.

“I saw the devastation around me,” said Randy. “I saw that there was nothing left here and trees everywhere. Bodies everywhere.”

“My biggest concern at that point was not myself, it was I felt my house took the same.”

The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency reported a total of five injuries and four deaths in the county. While Green was one of the injured, a close friend of his lost his life.

“Yeah, that was Bobby,” said Randy. “I actually lost a lot of people that were dear to me that day, but Bobby was by far the closest. Everything we done, we done together.”

Josephine Green said her husband spent nearly three weeks in Forrest General Hospital. A total of 18 days to be exact. Of those, her husband spent five in ICU, then eventually was moved to rehab.

“He had to have blood transfusions, all kinds of stuff, surgeries, and I had to give my consent over the phone,” said Josephine.

Josephine said between him losing a close friend and her not being able to physically be by his bedside due to COVID-19 restrictions, she would question herself which hurt most.

“I think the hardest part was having Randy; on every phone call he made, he would always ask is Bobby in here, too,” said Josephine. “Where is Bobby?”

Now two years later, trees are still snapped hardly standing and piles of bricks remain in the area along William Harper Drive.

Randy said driving past what used to be a pool hall brings memories of devastation, but, overall, serves as a reminder he got a second chance at life.

“I think all the time it could’ve been me,” said Randy. “I know that it could’ve been me. I’m just glad he allowed me a little more time with my family.”

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