Maximus employees protest health benefits, accomodations

Workers rallied together to protest their job and treatment
Published: Mar. 23, 2022 at 7:48 PM CDT
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PINE BELT, Miss. (WDAM) - Employees who work for Maximus federal call center rallied together outside of the building this morning.

A few of the employees said they are protesting because they want better wages, health benefits and accommodations.

“I’m actually partially deaf, and it took me about three months to get accommodated equipment just to do my job,” says Haley Jefcoat.

Jefcoat is just one of many employees who joined in the protest. Before they started their chants, they decided to open with a prayer from local pastor, Rev. Carlos Wilson.

“I know what poverty is. I know what the struggle is. I know what people are going through, especially during these times. I know what it means to have or not have health insurance. So if a prayer can help impact that, then I want to be part of that,” says Wilson.

Lanycha Hall says they need prayer because one of her main concerns is employee health insurance.

“I have several health conditions, one, I’m legally blind. They did accommodate me in the building, but when it came to my medical equipment… My job was to help other people with their life-sustaining equipment, but I couldn’t afford to buy my own,” says Hall.

Sheree Collier says she just wants to be treated overall better.

“It’s not fair, that I do double the work, I’m dual which is the affordable care act, and Medicare but I’m not appreciated,” says Collier.

Maximus did respond to the protest with a statement:

Since Maximus acquired the Contact Center Operations contract in 2018, we have focused our efforts on three overarching goals to benefit our employees. These goals include continuously improving business processes and the work environment, improving pay and compensation above the minimum wage, and reducing employees’ out-of-pocket health care expenses.

As an example of our dedication to employees, we increased pay and compensation ahead of the finalization of the Federal Contractor Minimum Wage Act (Executive Order 13658). Likewise, Maximus has improved health care benefits within the limitations of the funding levels made available under the terms of the Service Contract Agreement, under which we operate.

Maximus has also pushed the modernization of the Service Contract Act, which was last updated in 1976 and constrains the wages and benefits that federal contractors offer. Maximus has been advocating for SCA improvements, such as allowing baseline health benefits to comply with the Affordable Care Act and adjusting wage rules so teleworkers can be paid prevailing wages based on where they live instead of where the business is located.

We respect our employees’ legal right to attempt to organize, and any information we provide is designed to help them make an informed decision about union representation.

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