Southern Miss outfielder Destini Brown slides her way into the Golden Eagle record books

Published: Mar. 15, 2022 at 4:27 PM CDT
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HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WDAM) - Sixty feet separate the bases in college softball.

Southern Miss outfielder Destini Brown has safely made the sixty-foot journey between first and second or second and third countless times but Brown has stolen those sixty feet more than anyone in Southern Miss history.

“Whenever I’m on the bases, I just gotta play around with them a little bit,” Destini Brown said. “Get them on their toes. They never know when you’re going to go.”

Destini Brown’s calm demeanor off the field is juxtaposed by her aggressive base running on the diamond.

“Catch them off guard. That’s what I try to do every time I’m on base,” Brown said.

But the graduate student will have a tougher time catching opponents off guard.

On February 11th, Brown stole second and secured the Southern Miss program record for stolen bases.

With 82 bases stolen in her career, Brown etched her name into Golden Eagle softball history

“It’s awesome,” the McComb, Mississippi native said. “I mean I can’t really explain the feeling, but the emotions are all up there.”

It only got more emotional for Brown exactly one month later on March 11th when she stole her 100th base.

So what’s Brown’s secret?

“If she’s throwing the ball low in the dirt, I know she’s going to have to go down in the dirt to get the ball to throw me out so I know I can get there easily,” Brown said.

“Other times, they’re not paying attention, not walking me back or anything, so I’m like ok she’s not walking back so I’m going to get a little more out there and if she’s not paying attention, I’m going to go.”

Brown’s fiery base running all starts at the plate.

“She finds a way to get on base which is a big deal,” Southern Miss softball head coach Brian Levin said. “I mean when your own base percentage is over 500...half the time she’s on base. Once she gets on base, it’s a threat and that puts pressure on the defense.”

It’s not just her performance on the field that makes Destini Brown a vital part of this team.

“You know I coached at the highest level in the professional ranks and I can tell you that she’s one of the most talented players I’ve ever coached,” Coach Levin said.

“Getting her back because of her work ethic, having 9 freshmen, and having her and Tata both coming back. The example they set is incredible for young people, especially how they go about practice and their everyday work ethic when it comes to that.”

Despite Brown blowing past the record, her humble attitude and willingness to get down in the dirt gets her safely to the next base.

“I’ve always had the speed but the knowledge has grown with the game as I’m on base. Every time I’m on base, there’s a little bit more to learn from each team,” Brown said.

Brown is just the second active student-athlete in the nation to collect 100 steals.

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