Pascagoula missionaries stranded in Malawi now on their way home

After 10 days of uncertainty, a group of missionaries from New Manna International Ministries...
After 10 days of uncertainty, a group of missionaries from New Manna International Ministries in Pascagoula is finally back home.(WLOX)
Published: Dec. 29, 2021 at 10:24 PM CST
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AFRICA (WLOX) - After 10 days of uncertainty, a group of Pascagoula missionaries is finally on their way home.

They had traveled to Malawi in Africa for what was scheduled to be an eight-day visit.

More than a week after they were scheduled to arrive home, members of New Manna International Ministries are back home. WLOX spoke with Shiquita Wells on Wednesday afternoon just after the group landed in Charlotte, N.C. for the final leg of their journey.

“So we have a three-hour wait here and we have two hours to go home, John, and get to New Orleans and see our family,” Wells said.

After 24 hours in the air, the group was tired but happy to be back stateside.

“We’re very grateful, we’re thankful to God for the safety while we were hid in the missionary camp there. I don’t know, my heart is full,” Wells said.

The group was stopped from leaving Malawi on Dec. 19 because of what they believed was a scheme to extort money from them related to the COVID-19 tests required to fly. Two members of their delegation were able to return home, but six more were forced to hide in the missionary camp, fearful of their fate.

“We were able to get to another testing site. We were all able to take our PCR test and everybody did receive their results. They were all negative. From there, we called the airline and were able to devise a plan to get tickets set up to fly back home,” Wells said.

They credited help from other churches back home which provided not only prayers of support but the additional money needed to come home.

“I’m very thankful that at times like this you kind of are able to see those who really care. We’ve had so many people reach out to us during this time. Not only that, it just shows that God never forgets you. He will keep you protected and He is faithful to you, and for that I am grateful,” Wells said.

While late arrival Wednesday night in New Orleans did not make for an elaborate homecoming, that does not mean there fanfare will be lost.

“I can assure you that Sunday will be a day to be at New Manna International Ministries. I think all hearts will be happy and celebrating our homecoming and just celebrating how good God has been to us and this mission,” Wells said.

Wells said the U.S. Embassy in Malawi had closed for Christmas and wasn’t much help to the group. However, they did bring some food and water to them the day before they departed and escorted them to the airport.

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