Action movie starring Wesley Snipes to begin filming in Clinton

Published: Dec. 14, 2021 at 8:45 PM CST
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CANTON, Miss. (WLBT) - The City of Clinton continues to attract more members of the film industry and will soon be the scene for a new action movie.

The movie starring Wesley Snipes and Frank Grillo will begin filming in just a few weeks.

Amanda Jones with the City of Clinton says this isn’t the first time.

“Clinton has had the opportunity to have four movies come here. We’re a unique looking town. They say that they love to come back to Mississippi because of our charm and out hospitality that we offer here in Clinton. And we have a lot of different locations and areas that they can film in.”

Sony Films’ new action movie M.I.A. starring Blade actor Wesley Snipes and Avengers actor Frank Grillo, will feature the downtown area, a Clinton home, and part of John Bell Williams Airport.

Jones says this movie could help put Clinton on everyone’s radar.

“It will do great things. It will bring a lot of tourists in to see our town, it will spotlight our town, and being an action film, they’ll be all around the town and get to see and showcase different spots.”

Preston Grace is the owner of 303 Jefferson. He says he’s seen a few films be shot in Clinton - and thinks directors keep coming back because of it’s unique looks and charm.

“I think they picked Clinton because they’re probably looking for something different. I mean, you can go to California and get the flashiness and all of that but sometimes you need a little different scene for the type of movie that you’re filming.”

Grace says he hopes that an action film will attract more viewers - and more viewers will mean more tourists and business.

“The more people that come down here and see it, the more people will come back and see it. Especially here in Old Town, it’s kind of like a hidden gem.”

Jones added that filming will begin in January - and will last for 2 weeks right here in Clinton, then a few more days in South Jackson.

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