Lamar County burglary suspects allegedly targeted multiple locations

The Lamar County Sheriff’s Office is still asking for help identifying the two people.
The Lamar County Sheriff’s Office is still asking for help identifying two people.
Published: Dec. 3, 2021 at 7:22 PM CST
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LAMAR COUNTY, Miss. (WDAM) - The Lamar County Sheriff’s Office is still asking for help identifying two people.

They are suspects from a business break-in last month. The burglars took credit cards and an undisclosed amount of cash. One of those cards was used at Walmart on U.S. Highway 98 before Thanksgiving.

There is also footage of the suspects in Alterations and Formals by Bridget in Lamar County. Owner Bridget Berry says while they didn’t get away with anything from her store, it was scary and angering to be targeted.

Berry and her employees remember two people coming in. One asked to be helped while the other asked to use their restroom. While employees were on the floor, one of the suspects went into the back room that is off-limits to customers.

“After they walked out, we all kind of got together. Susan, that was in the back, was like, ‘He just came back here,’” explains Berry. “We called the police and so they came, and said, in other words, that they had hit up several other businesses in the area.”

Berry has multiple cameras inside and even one outside her store. She advises other business owners to have cameras turned on at all times as well a full staff at all times.

“We put all of our stories together, and then I went started pulling up all the cameras, and I have a ton of cameras in my store because I have a really large store. When you’re looking at it and you’re seeing how they plotted, how they waited for us to turn around. They were not after our register. They were after our purses. And you can see them looking around and all, but they went straight to the back sewing room where all the employees’ purses were, so that makes me feel like it was more of a personal attack, kind of like on us,” Berry says.

Berry says she has more cameras ordered to put in the back sewing room after the incident.

“I just feel like that’s wrong right here at Thanksgiving and Christmas, that’s wrong. I got some really good shots and I would love to hear that they got caught,” she says.

If you have any information on their identities, call the Lamar county Sheriff’s department at (601) 794-8610 or Crime Stoppers at (601) 582-STOP.

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