Pro-life advocates pray outside state’s only abortion clinic

Pro-life advocates pray outside state’s only abortion clinic
Pro-life advocates pray outside state’s only abortion clinic(WLBT)
Published: Dec. 1, 2021 at 10:00 PM CST
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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Abortions have been a personal issue for Natalie Brumfield since age seven when she used to tag along with her father and pray outside the Jackson abortion center.

“I do believe abortion is wrong, and there’s a better answer,” Brumfield said. “God has a good answer for it, and he loves every child that’s conceived in the womb. He loves every woman that’s facing unplanned pregnancy.”

Brumfield now heads up the Birmingham chapter of Bound4Life international, which is the group that organized Wednesday’s prayer meeting outside the state’s only abortion clinic.

All of the people there prayed in silence outside the Jackson Women’s Health Organization wearing red pieces of tape over their mouths that said, “Life.”

“We are identifying with the children in the womb that can’t cry out for themselves,” Brumfield said. “It goes back to the words in scripture that talk about that we are a voice for the voiceless.”

She added that the red tape also represents the fact that participants aren’t there to protest but to pray.

One of the people at Wednesday’s prayer meeting – April Boykin – said her stance on abortions stems from the fact that two of her four children are adopted.

“If their birth mothers would have chosen the opposite, I wouldn’t have my babies,” Boykin said.

Both Boykin and Brumfield say if Roe v. Wade gets overturned, it’s only the beginning.

“Some of these women are rocking around, and they come to places like this because they don’t have anyone to talk to and are being told to do all kinds of different things,” she said.

“We have to have the church rise up and be the answer and meet women out on the streets and take care of one another. Love thy neighbor,” Brumfield said. “We have to help them, and we have to adopt babies obviously. Adoption needs to increase.”

Those on the other side of the issue also felt support for the pro-choice movement Wednesday.

“It was a good feeling and great seeing so much support,” Shannon Brewer said, director of Jackson Women’s Health Organization. “Today was pretty energizing.”

This as the United States Supreme Court took on the most significant abortion-rights case in the last three decades, challenging Roe. v. Wade.

If the Supreme Court court allows Mississippi’s abortion law to remain in effect, the decision will hollow out Roe v. Wade, the landmark 1973 decision that established a constitutional right to an abortion before fetal viability.

“This is not gonna just affect Mississippi,” Brewer said. “It’s gonna affect women everywhere.”

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