Sewer line construction causing traffic detour in Bay Springs

The town is working to fix sewer line issues, but some residents complain about the inconvenience
The town is working to fix sewer line issues, but some residents complain about the inconvenience.
Published: Nov. 29, 2021 at 6:38 PM CST
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BAY SPRINGS, Miss. (WDAM) - The Town of Bay Springs temporarily shut down Edmund King Road, Young Street and West Street Monday.

Bay Springs Maintenance Supervisor Cody Blackwell says closing off the roads was important for the job they have to do.

“We just had an older sewer line that deteriorated over the years, and it was causing some road issues. So we’re going to dig it up and lay a new sewer line in,” says Blackwell.

He says the problem started out small, but over time, it grew worse.

“It’s just kind of growing bigger and bigger, and so we had to reach to outside sources to come in and help us. It’s a little deeper than what we can dig up, so we had to get a little help on it,” says Blackwell.

Construction has created detours, but residents in the area, like Joanna Gammage, are not happy with the alternate route.

“It’s a mess because where I stay at, the street they have closed and the way that you have to go, it’s a one way in and one way out, and then if you meet incoming vehicles, you might collide with them,” says Gammage.

Gammage says it really bothers her because the residents were notified on social media, but some residents didn’t get the memo.

“Because we have elderly people that’s not even on social media, you know, it’s chaotic for them because just imagine they’ve been going this way over 40-50 something years and now they don’t know which way to go,” says Gammage.

Thankfully, Blackwell says the inconvenience will not last a long time

“Hopefully it’ll be done sometime this week. Never know what we’re going to run into once we start digging into the ground,” says Blackwell.

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