Non-profit needs help finishing shelter for human trafficking victims

Published: Nov. 29, 2021 at 8:21 PM CST
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LAUREL, Miss. (WDAM) - Human trafficking affects millions each year according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and a local organization is working to fight the crime.

Missing Peace Ministry is a Laurel-based non-profit. It began construction for a shelter in April of 2020 in an effort to help women that are victims of human trafficking.

“We are close now. I’d say probably 75-80% through with construction,” said Executive Director Kimberley Guined. “Plumbing is in progress right now...”

The shelter has four rooms and will house eight to 10 women. But, before it can start helping those victims, Kimberly says they need to raise about $75,000 to finish construction.

“Our next main thing is getting the heating and the air unit in,” Kimberly said. “So, that’ll be our next big hurdle to get over. After that, we’re looking at appliances and stocking, you know, all of their beds and mattresses... so just our appliances are things coming up soon.”

Once complete, we’re told the shelter will provide more than just a safe place for victims to live.

“We will just begin to just take them through counseling, all faith-based counseling,” Kimberly said. “And also, just be able to minister to that trauma and just start to uncover that... We want them to establish life skills, we want budgeting, we want if they want to pursue their education to get that and just, you know, make them whole, balanced so that whenever they transition back into life, they will not resort back to what they had known before.”

We’re told the organization started in an effort to help women who may feel hopeless.

“So the wood actually behind us, it was in here. But it was like hanging... and we just came in and we cut pieces and we put a little sand on it and I mean, how awesome is it?,” said Jeff Guined, President of Missing Peace Ministry Board of Directors. “It’s just a restoration, you know. Even the wood like the story of the wood restoring it to make it... I mean these walls are beautiful, right? So, it like goes in with the women, you know, like coming in broken and how they’ll go out. So, we’re really excited about it.”

Missing Peace Ministry is a 501(c)(3) organization. For more information, click here.

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