Tips for finding the perfect Christmas tree

Thanksgiving is over, and the Christmas season has officially arrived, which means finding the perfect tree to decorate and place your gifts under.
Published: Nov. 29, 2021 at 5:51 PM CST
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JONES COUNTY, Miss. (WDAM) - Thanksgiving is over, and the Christmas season is in full swing, which means hunting for the perfect tree to decorate and to place your gifts under.

Some families choose artificial trees but only a live tree will give you that traditional look and smell of Christmas time.

There are many types of evergreens to choose from, but before heading out to get yours, take the time to make a few notes before leaving.

Brian Smith is a third-generation grower at Smith’s Christmas Tree Farm in Jones County, and he says the number one thing that most folks get wrong is the size of the tree.

“What you want to do is look at the height of your ceiling where you’re going to put it at and the width,” Smith said. “They look a lot smaller out here in the field than they do once you get them inside, so double-check the space where it’s going and allow room for whatever decoration is going on the top of the tree.”

After you get your Christmas tree home, you can help keep it from drying out by ensuring that it has plenty of clean water.

“These trees, like a nine-foot cypress, will drink about a gallon of water a day the first week and it’ll last a month or so inside your home.”

More tips include:

  • Be sure to level the tree and choose the right tree stand to make it stable.
  • Protect your floor by placing plastic on the floor before bringing your tree inside.
  • Trim away any stray branches that touch the wall and furniture.
  • If the tree is already cut, bend a needle in half; fresh firs will snap while old needles will tend to just break.
  • After installing the tree, look at it from several different angles and adjust where necessary.
  • Don’t worry about spaces in the branches, they can be covered with decorations.

After Christmas is over, be sure and recycle your tree but be sure to remove all decorations first. Most cities and towns will not accept trees with decorations still attached.

Finally, remember that the Christmas season is a time for gathering with loved ones and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

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