Camp Shelby opens registration for 2nd annual Norwegian Foot March Marathon to benefit Extra Table

Published: Nov. 19, 2021 at 5:09 PM CST
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HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WDAM) - On Nov. 19, Camp Shelby Joint Forces Training Center and Extra Table hosted a press conference at the Mississippi Armed Forces Museum to publicly announce the opening of registration for the 2nd Annual Norwegian Foot March.

Extra Table is on the front lines of the food fight with American’s bravest men and women at their side.

Camp Shelby Military Training Base in Hattiesburg and Extra Table are joining forces in the spring of 2022 to bring the 2nd Annual Norwegian Foot March, an event fully sanctioned by the King of Norway.

Registration for the 2nd Annual Norwegian Foot March is open and will remain open for the first 600 who register. Servicemembers and civilians are all welcome to register.

To register go here:

In the military, there are coveted foreign badges that a soldier can earn. These badges are both an honor and bragging right, as well as display rank.

On March 5, 2022, soldiers from all over the world will arrive at Camp Shelby in hopes to earn the Norwegian Foot March badge.

After months of training, this daunting task will humble and break some soldiers, while others are able to rise amidst the most intense of challenges.

Soldiers are asked to ruck 18.6 miles in an allotted amount of time, according to age and gender, while wearing a full uniform and carrying 25 pounds of food in their ruck.

In the world of runners, there are medals of prestige that a runner can earn. These medals signify an extraordinary accomplishment and are the bragging right of the runner.

Runners from all over the south will show up at Camp Shelby in hopes to earn the Extra Miles Marathon medal.

Runners are invited to run alongside soldiers from every branch of the military and special forces for 18.6 miles and then continue to push further, adding a distance of 7.6 miles prior to ultimately crossing the finish line.

Col. Rick Weaver is Commander at Camp Shelby and he said the first event was a huge success and everyone has been looking forward to the next one.

“For us, as Mississippi residents, born and raised here and in the Mississippi National Guard, what better place to do this, to be able to help Mississippians,” Weaver said.

“From that standpoint, it’s huge to be able to tie back in with Martha, Extra Table and to be able to feed over 18,000 people in the state of Mississippi, or at least participate in doing that, it’s been a wonderful experience,” he added.

Service members are asked to complete the race carrying 25 lbs. of food in their rucksacks. The food will be collected after the race and used to feed hungry Mississippi families.

The first Norwegian march was conducted in 1915 as a test of marching endurance for soldiers in the Norwegian military.

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