A 6.2% jump in the Consumer Price Index is causing some to choose between bills and essential items

A 6.2% jump in the Consumer Price Index is causing some to choose between bills and essential items
Published: Nov. 11, 2021 at 7:12 PM CST
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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - The U.S. is now experiencing the largest inflation jump since 1990.

Some people are already having to make difficult choices now that the consumer price index has jumped 6.2% this month.

Pay check to pay check - that’s what some people said they have to do in order to make ends meet now that inflation is so high.

“It’s a major impact on me and my family. I’m having to shuttle around bills, get extensions for bills. It’s hard,” mother of five, Stephanie Pegugs, said.

The Customer Price Index, which measures the costs of groceries, gas, and other essential items, has increased by 6.2% this month - a 30 year high.

And that is making many choose what bills not to pay.

“You know, you got to make decisions on what bill to pay, how much to pay on your bill, or what groceries to get. You know, your check only goes so far,” Jackson resident, Mary Nichols, said.

Some people said it’s getting harder to feed their families and keep the checkbooks balanced.

“I have a family of 5 and grocery prices are astronomically high,” Pegugs said.

Stephanie Pegugs

“You have bills, you have to buy food, and, you know, it hurts,” Nichols said.

According to the Department of Labor, gas prices have increased almost 50% this month - making it hard for people who are trying to get a paycheck to get to work.

“Gas is ridiculous. I’m paying $100 a week just to get back and forth to work,” Pegugs said.

“I have a truck so, you know, I’m going to have to pay more for gas to put in my tank,” Nichols said.

President Biden said his most recent infrastructure bill will help knock down some of those costs. But until then, budget shoppers are trying to push through.

“Trying to budget better, cut back on the cable bill, turn off some lights around the house. We’re making it work,” Pegugs said.

Once the infrastructure bill is signed, President Biden said the public should see the cost of many essentials go down.

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