Palazzo: Debt ceiling vote is “punt down the block”

Published: Oct. 7, 2021 at 7:51 PM CDT
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COLLINS, Miss. (WDAM) - The country’s debt ceiling crisis eased some Thursday morning.

Senate leaders came to the Senate floor to say that an agreement had been reached and a vote could come before the end of the day.

GOP leaders said Senate Republicans made the agreement possible.

Raising the debt ceiling will allow the country to pay back money already borrowed and will avoid defaulting on its loans.

Rep. Steven Palazzo says the whole process has bought the government some time.

“We’re really got to take a look and see where we can be more efficient and save taxpayers’ dollars and also raise revenue, so we can begin to pay this national debt down,” Palazzo said. “But, it’s good, it’s a short-term fix, instead of punting it really far down the road, we just punted to the first quarter or down the block.”

“It’s tiresome, he added. “We don’t have a budget. I’m a huge supporter of a balanced budget amendment in Congress. States have budgets, cities have budgets, families have budgets, but the American government does not have a balanced budget requirement. I think that’s needed our debt is getting extremely high.”

Palazzo was at the State Veterans Home in Collins Thursday to present the “Medal of a Liberated France” to 98-year-old World War Two veteran Henry Bennett.

The debt ceiling is a developing story. You can read the latest on the Senate vote here.

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