‘All we want is justice’: Lucedale family pleads for tips in unsolved murder case

Perryman's aunt says, "It could be anybody's child, it could be your child."
Published: Oct. 7, 2021 at 6:14 PM CDT
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LUCEDALE, Miss. (WLOX) - A Lucedale family is doing everything they can to make sure their loved ones’ case doesn’t go unsolved. The family of Cameron Perryman is raising the award money for anyone with answers to his death.

Authorities said Perryman was shot and killed. They also say his body was found in Greene County by a hunter on New Year’s day at the DeSoto National Forest roadside park.

The case is being investigated by the Greene County Sheriff’s Office, Mississippi Bureau of Investigation, and the District Attorney’s Office, but more information is needed to solve the case.

The award for giving information was set at $2,500 but the Perryman family raised it to $5,000.

Luella Perryman, Cameron’s aunt, is hopeful the award money, as well as putting up signs will bring answers.

“It could be anybody’s child, it could be your child,” said Luella. “This is a community where everybody is related, everybody knows everybody. We don’t want to just let this go undone.”

Perryman encouraged those to come forward with information, so the family isn’t left with questions, even if the situation was for self-defense.

“All we want is Justice for Cameron Perryman. Whether it was an accident, whether it was self-defense, whatever the case may be please come forward so we can have closure,” said Luella.

Cameron’s cousin, Karlene Moody, said that she can’t get over the fact that she’ll never see his smile again.

“I miss his happiness, his smile, I’m going to miss everything about him. He was always smiling and kept us laughing,” said Moody.

Moody said the situation hits harder as we get closure to the holidays. She said that the holidays won’t be the same without one of her favorite cousins, especially New Years.

“We haven’t gotten justice for him, and we’re just wanting justice for him because he has kids, and the holidays are coming up. They’re not going to have him and we’re not going to have him. We’re really not looking forward to New Year’s again because of the tragedy that happened. We used to look forward to it and come together, and now it’s rocky for us because we don’t have justice so there’s no peace,” said Moody.

Moody explained that there are talks in the community of who the suspect might be, yet without people coming forward there isn’t much progress.

“Someone knows something, it’s a small community. Some people know what happened and they need to come forward. There’s no point in hiding or covering up because at the end of the day God is going to get them if justice isn’t served here. Don’t cover up the situation because that’s your child, or family member, something needs to be done,” said Moody.

Authorities ask that anyone with information about Perryman, contact the Greene County Sheriff’s Office or the Mississippi Coast Crime Stoppers.

Mississippi Coast Crime Stoppers is reminding everyone that the organization does not record calls or take caller I.D.

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