‘You ain’t supposed to be no damn fool’: Mississippians react to David Archie’s arrest

Supervisor who was one of Archie’s targets says he supports sheriff’s decision
David Archie faces multiple charges after arrest during meeting
David Archie faces multiple charges after arrest during meeting
Published: Oct. 1, 2021 at 8:27 PM CDT
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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Hinds County District 2 Supervisor David Archie’s arrest Thursday may have been the culmination of weeks of tension and outbursts during public meetings, but that doesn’t make it any less shameful for those who shared their opinion of what led to that action.

“I think it’s a disgrace, people in leadership acting like people uncivilized,” said Yazoo City resident Theophilus Little.

Archie maintains he broke no laws and never resisted arrest, though he’s charged with several misdemeanors, including resisting arrest.

He also continues to say board president Credell Calhoun is corrupt and wants to control the whole county, but has yet to provide any proof of that claim.

Hinds County resident Kaitlyn Watson said Archie’s actions come across like he’s the one who wants to control the situation.

“It does show the power that these officials feel that they hold when they are in positions of power on how they can treat other people, how they can behave and act in professional public settings,” Watson said.

Interim Sheriff Marshand Crisler arrested Archie Thursday morning after he became disruptive and used foul language during a meeting.

District 4 Supervisor Vern Gavin wouldn’t comment directly on Archie’s arrest because of possible legal action.

This week, Archie directed his frustration at those who voted to strip him of his vice-president title, calling Gavin and District 5 Supervisor Bobcat McGowan “dummies.”

“I don’t choose to get into name calling. My focus is to do the job for my district, as well as for the citizens of Hinds County. And I think if we focused in that direction versus name calling, we’d be much more successful at what we’re sent here to do,” Gavin said.

The District 4 supervisor, who helped organize a food drive to help provide dozens of residents purple hull peas, turnip greens and eggs during tough economic times, said he believes the sheriff did the right thing because his job is to keep the peace.

“If you’re disrupting the meeting, then we can’t do the business for the county. And if you’ve observed the history for some time, then you’ll see that there have been a number of days where we could not transact business, and it was because of disruption. So from that regard, I sincerely support what the sheriff and the president of the board put into action,” Gavin said.

News of Archie’s arrest traveled all over the state, which is why Little had a lot to say on the subject.

“It’s embarassing to see that from any human being. They’re supposed to be -- you’re not showing any intelligence, you supposed to be able to take the high road. Bottom line is, you ain’t supposed to be no damn fool,” Little said.

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