Soldier surprises brother with heartwarming reunion at Pascagoula High School

Nearly 74,000 miles couldn’t keep Army soldier Charles Griffin away from his family in Pascagoula.
Published: Sep. 30, 2021 at 6:31 PM CDT
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PASCAGOULA, Miss. (WLOX) - Nearly 7,173 miles couldn’t keep Army soldier Charles Griffin away from his family in Pascagoula. Since Griffin received a break before his next deployment, he took the opportunity to surprise his little brother at Pascagoula High School.

Griffin said that he has been in the Army since 2019 and has been station in Kuwait. He said he has never been away from his family for this long in his life.

However, Griffin leaves for Korea at the end of the month and wanted to make a visit before he goes to his next stop.

“Me and my little brothers, we have a bond that is extraordinary and having not being able to see them in the past two years hurts. So, when I knew I was coming home I knew I had to do something special,” said Griffin.

Griffin said when he made the call to Pascagoula High School, and he said the administration was all onboard. The school allowed Griffin to visit his little brother, Arron, who is a junior at the school.

Griffin said that it was hard for both to adjust to the distance.

“With Arron, our relationship is an odd one,” said Griffin. “On days I want to beat him up, other times we’re the best of friends. He’s the one I tell everything to because we can literally talk about any and everything. Sometimes I look at him for guidance because he’s my rock.”

Arron explained that he was surprised when he saw his brother, but figured he knew when he heard there would be “a special guest” speaking for the class.

“I was shook but I was appalled at the same time because my second block teacher don’t have people come speak in class like that, so when she said we had a guest speaker I should have known that it was my brother,” said Arron.

Arron said that he doesn’t speak to his older brother much, so he makes sure he stays by his phone in case Griffin calls.

“Over there he can’t always be on his phone. So, he’ll text me when he can and I’ll respond as soon as possible, said Arron. “Of course, he’s my family. If you don’t have family, then it’s tougher to go through situations that you need family’s support for.”

Since Griffin doesn’t leave until the end of the month, he said that he’s going to spend more time with family and come to his little brother’s football games while he can.

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